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Information about cancer, genetics and other common diseases is available from many organizations and sources. Here are some organizations, internet web sites, and other resources you may find helpful.


 University of Utah School of Medicine

 Intermountain Health Care

 Utah Population Database



 National Cancer Institute

 American Lung Association 

 American Cancer Society (ACS) - The American Cancer Society is a voluntary organization. ACS supports research, education, advocacy and service for cancer prevention and treatment

 Breast Cancer Resources from OncologySTAT

 Cancer Information Service (CIS) - The Cancer Information Service is a program of the National Cancer Institute. CIS provides telephone assistance for cancer patients, their families and friends, the public, and health professionals. The staff is qualified to answer questions, send booklets and information as well as direct you to organizations and information in you area. Call 1-800-4-CANCER.

 Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) - The High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic at HCI provides genetic counseling and cancer screening services, as well as dietary and early detection education.

 LungCancer Resources from OncologySTAT - Resources from Elsevier OncologySTAT the authoritative source for

 National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) - NABCO is a network of organizations that offer cancer screening, treatment and support for breast cancer patients. The alliance refers patients to these organizations and provides information about breast cancer and work for legislation that benefits breast cancer patients.

 National Prostate Cancer Coalition - the coalition is a group dedicated to bringing prostate cancer issues to the forefront of local and national politics.

 Neurology - Journals from The Lancet.

 Epilepsy - Journals from The Lancet.

 Oncology - Journals from The Lancet.

 Multiple sclerosis - Journals from The Lancet.

 Skin Cancer Foundation - The foundation provides publications on prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer.

 Skin Cancer Risks - Useful information about determining your risk and protecting your skin.



 Genetics and Public Issues Program, National Center for Genome Resources - Offers resources on genetic information, technology and services to support the need for policy development that rises from genetic research.

 Gene Letter - This online newsletter about genetics and public policy features regular columns on science, medicine, ethics, law and international developments.

 Fertility Authority - Website dedicated to fertility news, research, and information.



 Celiac Disease Foundation - The Celiac Disease Foundation is a California non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to providing services and support to persons with Celiac disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis, through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and research. - Information on food allergies, what to do in the event of a food allergy, and treatments.



 Brain Aneurysm Foundation, Inc.

 Aneurysm & AVM Support Page

 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke



 Medical Procedures - Medical procedures by Procedures Consult

 Allergy Resources - Allergy Resources for School Nurses

 Food Allergies - Food Allergies and Dental Care



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